About Us

Proto Web Design started in 2010 as an ‘extra pocket cash’ project with a group of people designing and developing websites (Proto-types, hence the name), templates and websites extensions for web design companies as an offshore partner. By that time the demand for web services was high and customers were willing to pay top dollar for a good website. The developed products were rebranded and sold under the name of the design companies that Proto Web Design worked with.

By the end of 2011 Proto Web Design began focusing on adding periodic maintenance and support to their services. Websites do go down when not properly maintained and some of the extensions in particular that were delivered since 2010 were having issues, because they were not purchased with maintenance nor support. Most of the issues were related to web browser update and the source code had to be altered to support newer versions of the popular web browsers. Also Proto Web Design needed the extra income to survive, because there were a lot of rising concurrent web designers on the market during that time.

Since the start of 2012 Proto Web Design is delivering all her design services with optional life time support so that the end customer can be ensured that their websites and extensions are supported for as long as they need. This also solves all the compatibility issues that arise from web browser updates.  
During the years 2014 and 2015 Proto Web Design started to experiment with Linux Servers with the intention of offering web hosting to her customers as an added service. The first hosting server of Proto Web Design came online in the Netherlands, followed by a server in the US. During these years Proto Web Design partnered with a couple of experienced web hosts that help provide high quality webhosting at affordable prices.

In 2016 Proto Web Design started to work one-to-one directly to customers and providing them with websites and services under her own name, in addition to the customers that came in via other design companies. The focus of Proto Web Design is to provide high quality web services at affordable prices to small and medium companies, because they are often on a limited budget and a the costs of building and operating a website is often tempting. Proto Web Design believes that small companies should also have an equal chance to build their online presence in order to grow their revenue.

In the previous years Proto Web Design has partnered with web designers, web developers, web hosts, graphic designers, content writers, SEO specialists, technical staff and numerous other people from around the world. Proto Web Design works with high skilled contracted part-timers that work from home and are paid per hour or project. All designs are handled as individual projects and according to the requirements there is a team selected per project that goes through the design and development together, each team member with an individual role. All projects are documented in such way that anyone can pick up where the other one left off; this is essential for providing a high level of support to customers.

Our support department is staffed with a full-time staff and occasionally some part-timers that work in shifts. Because of the part-time workers, work from home and pay per project policies, Proto Web Design is able to keep overhead costs low which results in affordable solutions for customers.