Terms and Conditions


The products and services delivered by Proto Web Design to her client, will never be used in any illegal way. Neither will the client upload any porno graphical, copy-righted and/or any illegal content to the web space provided by Proto Web Design. Key loggers, cracked software, software containing viruses and/or other malware, pirated media and hacking/cracking software are also prohibited.

Proto Web Design is not liable for any damage or other loss caused by her delivered website, web hosting service or any other service, no matter what the circumstances.

Proto Web Design has the right to deny service to anyone at any time with or without any reason.

Proto Web Design has the right to change these terms of service without prior notice.

Proto Web Design agrees that she will not disclose any confidential information of her clients at any time to any third party.

Web design.

For web design projects the client provides the website contents at previously agreed dates, unless otherwise noted. If the client does not provide the content on the agreed dates, Proto Web Design has the right to extend the deadline of the project and add additional charges.

The clients agrees that all content provided is not copy-righted nor illegal in any way. The client is responsible for the website content at all times.

If the deadline of a project is extended more than twice due to failed delivery of content by the client, Proto Web Design will terminate the project without any refunds.

If the client extends the deadline more than twice in a project, Proto Web Design has the right to end the project without any refunds.

During a project, it is necessary that the client is involved on specific dates and times. The involvement can be in the form of meetings, online meetings or email contact. Proto Web Design has the right to extend the deadline and/or add additional charges if the client reschedules these dates after approval.

During a project a template of the website is created according to the wishes of the client which can involve layout, content positions, colors, fonts and/or other specific content. This wishes will be approved by the client per email. The client can alter this template for a maximum of two times per project.

Proto Web Design may deny service to clients that do not agree to pay the project fees and/or hosting fees. Any payments before the denial will be non- refundable.

The client is not allowed to give access to the source code and/or database to a third-party with the purpose of copying or altering the website in any way. Failure to do so will void any remaining subscriptions the client has, without any refund.

Proto Web Design does not guarantee the client’s website at any position at any search engine. Proto Web Design will do search engine submission of completed websites and provide search engine optimized websites.

Upon completing a web design project, Proto Web Design will provide the client with documentation of content management for that specific website in digital form. It is the sole responsibility of the client to read the manual for optimal content management.

The client agrees that Proto Web Design may place a backlink to her website or on selected pages, containing text and/or one image.

The client agrees that Proto Web Design may place a photo, content and/or a link of the client’s website in her own portfolio.

The client agrees that Proto Web Design shall not be liable for any damages arising from late delivery of projects, no matter what the consequences. The client shall be noticed by Proto Web Design if any delay is encountered.

For projects that are delivered late due to lack of service or poor service from Proto Web Design, a compensation may be requested by the client. The compensation can be in form of a discount on remaining balance or services at a discounted price.

Web services.

Proto Web Design provides services that sometimes depend on services from other parties. Proto Web Design shall not be held reliable for failure of services due to lack of service and/or poor service from these other parties.

Proto Web Design has the right to alter content, code, user interfaces and procedures if necessary for security reasons, without prior notice.

Proto Web Design shall not be responsible for email accounts, IP addresses and/or domain names being marked as spam at any given time.

Proto Web Design may collect testimonials and reviews from her clients on a regular base and may use this information for her own marketing.

Proto Web Design makes daily backups of all her online content. These backups are for emergency use only and will not be used to restore data that was accidently deleted by the client. The client has the ability to download a backup of their website and data at any time by logging in to their control panel. It is the sole responsibility of the clients to periodically download and store a backup of their web hosting account.

The web space available within a plan is only intended for website and email data. The web space shall not be used for storage of (large) files.

Proto Web Design provides technical support to their clients. For some services a fee may apply. The client will be informed about the fee before the services will start.

Stress testing in any form is forbidden on Proto Web Design servers.

Proto Web Design has a “No Tolerance” policy on spam. Spamming is the sending of unsolicited, bulk and/or commercial messages over the internet or by text messaging. Spamming is prohibited, regardless of whether or not it overloads a server or disrupts service to Proto Web Design. Referencing a website hosted by Proto Web Design in any form of spam is also prohibited. Any client found to be spamming may face a spam cleanup fee from $500 - $750 depending on the circumstance and level of cleanup involved.

Proto Web Design utilizes a “Fair Share” policy on webhosting to ensure that all her clients profit evenly from the available resources on serves.


Upon the start of a project payment methods and dates will be discussed and approved. The client agrees that payments will be fulfilled by the approved date.

For web design a standard payment method will be used where a percentage of the total has to be paid in advance, at the start of a project. The remaining balance has to be paid within 7 days after delivery of the project.

Webhosting, support and domain names are priced per year and must be paid yearly in advance.

Proto Web Design has the right to alter the prices of her services without prior notice.

Recurring prices for services in US Dollars will always be the same if there is an approved contract and payments are fulfilled on time.

If the client does not fulfill a recurring payment before the due date, Proto Web Design has the right to add additional charges.

All accounts with an open payment for more than 14 days after the due date will be suspended and will lose the ability for support until the payment is fulfilled.

To reactivate a suspended account there will be a re-activation fee charged for not more than $50.

All data of accounts with open payments for more than 60 days after due date will be permanently deleted.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions can lead to banning of service and/or removal of content or complete website without prior notice.